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First Meeting

Seeing something special in the young boy, the mysterious Sophos reaches out towards Kallsistos, picking him

to be his charge and student.

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Game Changer

Introduced by King Phillip II of Macedon, the sarissa, a 13 to 20 foot spear,

changed the art of warfare.  With a bronze butt-spike it could be anchored

in the ground to stop a charging enemy and it’s sharp leaf shaped iron

head could pierce an enemy’s shield.  A sarissa-bearing phalanx was

considered invulnerable from the front, requiring any enemy

to outflank the phalanx to have any chance of success.

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Taken from home and village, Androkles and Kallistos, best friends from almost their first days, watch as they only world they have ever know disappears in distance.  They share all the emotions possible from young boys while knowing that whatever the future brings, they will always have each other.

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