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Sid Jacobson - Story & Editor

The word ‘legend’ doesn’t do justice to Sid Jacobson.  In a career spanning over six decades, Sid has been a writer, an editor, a novelist, a sports biographer, a popular songwriter with a dozen hit songs, and a novelist.  As an editor, and the editor in chief, at Harvey Publications, Jacobson has created many of the iconic characters we grew up with, including Richie Rich, Hot Stuff, Wendy, Little Lotta and Planet Terry.  At Hanna-Barbera he oversaw the creation of a line of comic books based on the classic TV shows including The Flintstones, The Jetsons and Yogi Bear.  During his time as an executive editor at Marvel, he oversaw the development of the very popular comic book Damage Control.


With the publication of The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation in 2006 and their subsequent graphic novels, including Anne Frank, The Anne Frank House Graphic Biography, a graphic novel based on the hideous and gruesome history of the man who gave his name to Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, The Torture Report: A Graphic Adaptation and Three-Fifths of a Man, Sid Jacobson and artist Ernie Colón, have sold over a million copies of their work, and with the upcoming publication of The Sacred Band of Thebes that amount is only going to grow.


Outside of the comic and graphic novel arena, Jacobson wrote hit songs for Frankie Avalon, Johnny Mathis and Dion and the Belmonts, the several books including Streets of Gold and Pete Reiser: The Rough-and-Tumble Career of the Perfect Ballplayer.


Glenn Rabney - Story, Writer, & Editor

With over 100 hours of produced television, plus countless journalistic articles, Glenn Rabney has been writing professionally for over 25 years.  Having started out as a stand-up comic, Rabney transitioned to television where he was part of the award-winning staffs of such variety shows as HBO’s Not Necessarily the News, and the Disney Channel’s New Mickey Mouse Club.  He was also invoved on projects for PBS, Family Channel, numerous syndicate shows and most recently movies for Hallmark Channel.


While continuing his television work, he became a columist for a various online outlets, writing about both sports and politics and even being a full time baseball writer/producer for  Though he left, he has continued to keep his hand in the sports world, working as a stringer for


Glenn has also written 11 feature screenplays, many of them with Bart Baker.  The Sacred Band of Thebes is his first graphic novel.

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Bart Baker - Story, Writer

Screenwriter, playwright and novelist, Bart Baker has been fixture in the entertainment industry for over 30 years.  He has had 14 movies produced, including the Pierce Brosnan action film Live Wire, Supercross, with Channing Tatum, the CBS Television Bride Trilogy and most recently Love And Sunshine for the Hallmark Channel, co-written with Glenn Rabney as well as work on three different series, including Dirt, on FX Network, starring Courtney Cox.


Baker has also written five novels, his first, Honeymoon With Harry, was a critical and commercial success, the movie rights bought by Warner Bros./New Line Cinema.  His next novel, The Wedding Gift, will be published in 2020.


The Sacred Band Of Thebes is Baker’s first graphic novel.

Ernie PIC2.jpg

Ernie Colon - Original Layouts

Ernie Colon met Sid Jacobson when they were both in their twenties and collaborated together until Ernie’s death in 2019, a span of almost 60 years.  In addition to their extensive output at Harvey’s and Marvel Comics, the pair released seven major graphic novels which has worldwide sales of over one million copies.  The Sacred Band of Thebes was one of Colon’s last projects.  He will be missed by the comic book world in general and the team at The Sacred band of Thebes in particular.

Ace Continuado.jpg

Ace Continuado - Artist/Pencils

A Filipino comic illustrator best known for his work on Dark Horse Comics' Shaper and various Zenescope Entertainment books, Ace Continuado began his professional career in 2012 penciling for 215 Ink on titles such as Super Action Man and A SInner's Prayer, which he had also written. He then moved on to a sci-fi limited series for Dark Horse Comics called Shaper written by Eric Heiserrer.  He has also drawn for Zenescope Entertainment on titles such as Red Agent and Robyn Hood. He is currently working on a graphic novel for Fenom Comics, in addition to his work on The Sacred Band of Thebes,

Rita Pic.jpg

Rita Moore - Colors

With no discernible coloring style to speak of, Rita Moore has worked with dozens of artists of varying artistic styles and writers over several genres. Such versatility has allowed her to apply coloring techniques to best fit any project. 


She began her career in the comics industry in 2007 as a charter member of CCP Comics alongside McLain McGuire, working on, most notably, Dead Robot as well as several covers in their comics catalog. You can find her color work on other covers by 4 Leaf Comics such as The Forgotten Isle and Don't Pay the Ferryman. 


When not coloring digitally, she enjoys watercolor/gouache painting and spending quality time with her husband and son.


McLain McGuire - Letters and Design

Lives in the Austin, Texas area where he can be found in his studio creating, lettering, and designing comicsand working on other graphics. McLain is happily married with two amazing kids and two crazy dogs. He is an established musician and has been in the music industry for over twenty seven years as well as working in the comic industry for over thirteen years. McLain takes every opportunity he can to work on Indy and Professional Comics to show his continuous support in the industry as well as give his own creativity. He’s worked on many titles such as Cavewoman Razors Run and Metal Edge by Basement Studios/ Amryl Dark Entertainment. CCP Comics Super Crazy Animal Hand, The Other, Dead Robot, SYSTiM, Electron Boy, Father Faust, Lady Khimera, Clean up, and more. McLain can also be credited for his lettering and designs in the two hit titles from Short Fuse Studios, The Defectives (On-going series currently on issue 4.) and Morbid Musings. He is also working as an artist, letterer, designer, project manager, and partner with 4 Leaf Comics on titles The Forgotten Isle mini-series, Churchill Manor, Don’t Pay The Ferryman mini-series, and The Mortician. McLain gives his absolute best in everything he works on. When McLain is not in the studio working on comics he’s a stay at home dad seven days a week. McLain is credited in the comic industry as a letterer and designer for Indy and major Publishers for over forty titles streaming.

Samantha Rabney.jpeg

Samantha Rabney - Artistic Director 

Samantha was born and raised in Los Angeles, in a family that was fully engaged in the entertainment industry, so it was no surprise that she has followed them into the business.  She attended Columbia College Chicago, where she studied Cinema Arts and Television and upon returning to Los Angeles after graduation has interned at Echo Lake Entertainment for top talent and literary agents, and at Cartel Entertainment where she gave notes on scripts for Lifetime films.  In addition to her work on The Sacred Band of Thebes, Samantha provides writing coverage for various producers, was a production assistant on MasterChef and a production manager on an upcoming project.


Mark McFann - Financial Backer

Mark McFann is entrepreneur and business owner. He’s the founder of entertainment marketing and product placement agency Cast a Long Shadow. He’s also financed and helped launch numerous business including GoEmprise (group, event and POS management software), Summit Hard Cider, and Soul Squared brewing. He’s also a supporter of the arts who, in addition to financing Sacred Band of Thebes, financed the debut album of singer/songwriter Courtney Harman (formerly of the Grammy-nominated band Della Mae). 


Mark and his family live in Colorado where they hike, bike, paddle board and ski. He and his chef/sommelier wife are food and wine enthusiasts who love to spend time in wine country. Mark travels frequently and is constantly seeking out new adventures and interesting business and/ creative opportunities. 

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