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The Sacred Band of Thebes

The Sacred Band of Thebes” is the epic tale of Androkles and Kallistos,

best of friends bonded from the moment they could walk.  Taken from

their village at the age of seven, Androkles’ mother murdered in

front of him, they have only each other to rely on.


Raised and trained by the Sacred Band, the young men transform into

fierce warriors committed to the Band, but more importantly, brothers

in arms, committed to each other.  Between Androklyes powerful will

to conquer all that stands in front of him and Kallistos’ studious

and analytical view of combat, they make

an unconquerable pair.


From the Battle of Tegyra to the Battle of Leuctra - which ended the

Spartan rule, the legend of the Sacred Band magnified, and by

the time they met the Macedonians under the leadership of

King Phillip II and his son Alexander, their legend had

become mythic.  Warriors who had never

lost a battle in over 40 years.


The electrifying graphic novel, “The Sacred Band of Thebes”, follows

the adventures of these two great warriors, Androkles and Kallistos,

as they ascend the ranks of the Sacred Band guiding them into

Battle of Chaeroena. The two young leaders absorb the ways

of  ancient Greece while comes to grips with their own

desires and needs, holding tightly to a friendship

that could never be broken.


The Sacred Band of Thebes

Coming Spring 2024

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