The Sacred Band of Thebes
A New Graphic Novel
Based on a true story, The Sacred Band of Thebes was developed by Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon, both legends in the comic book and graphic novel industry. Their graphic novels, including The 9/11 Report, The Anne Frank House Authorized Graphic Biography, Che, and Vlad the Impaler have sold over one million copies worldwide.

The original story was written by screenwriter/novelist Bart Baker whose works include Honeymoon with Harry, Live Wire and the Bride Trilogy for CBS, and award-winning television and screenwriter Glenn Rabney. The art work is being drawn by Ace Continuado who work has appeared in Dark Horse Comics and Zenescope Entertainment amoung other outlets.

The Sacred Band of Thebes was called greatest army on Earth for a 40-year period during the 4th Century BCE, the height of the Greek Empire. It was the Sacred Band that defeated the Spartans of 300 fame and put an end to Spartan rule. The Sacred Band reigned as the most feared army until they themselves were wiped out by a much larger Macedonian army led by King Philip II and his 18-year old son, Alexander the Great. Even in defeat, Phillip was so moved by the valor of the Sacred Band that he buried them with dignity and erected a statue in their honor. To this day the Lion of Chaeronea, still stands as the final resting place of the Sacred Band.

The Sacred Band of Thebes is due out in 2020