Androkles & Kallistos

Introducing Androkles & Kallistos

Androkles and Kallistos have been best friends almost since birth, both having been born and bred outside the small village of Eupagioin, in the shadows of Mount Erymanthos. From their idyllic childhoods to their current obligations within the Sacred Band of Thebes, their closeness has been a source of strength and growth that has made their attainments possible.

Even as a mere boy, Androkles’ leadership qualities were instinctive and strong. Aware and in-tuned, Androkles always had an uncanny sense of the world around him, an almost sixth sense which seemed to dictate his prudent maneuvers. It is a gift that served him well when the Sacred Band of Thebes first took him, through his years of training to be a warrior and eventually to his rise through the ranks of leadership within the Sacred Band.

Admired by his fellow warriors and feared by those in charge, Androkles showed the ability to bend the world to his desires. And his foremost desire in life is to be the greatest Thebian warrior ever. That, he believes is his destiny.

Knowledgeable in all aspects of warfare, calculating in his tactics, fearless in his belief in himself and, especially, when alongside his childhood friend and greatest ally, Kallistos, there seems little that can stop Androkles from ultimate success.

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