Glenn Rabney – Writer



With over 100 hours of produced television, plus countless journalistic articles, Glenn Rabney has been writing professionally for over 25 years.  Having started out as a stand-up comic, Rabney transitioned to television where he was part of the award-winning staff of such variety shows as HBO’s Not Necessarily the News, and the Disney Channel’s New Mickey Mouse Club.  He was also involved on projects for PBS, Family Channel, numerous syndicate shows and most recently movies for Hallmark Channel.

While continuing his television work, he became a columnist for various online outlets, writing about both sports and politics and even being a full time baseball writer/producer for  Though he left, he has continued to keep his hand in the sports world, working as a stringer for

Glenn has also written 11 feature screenplays, many of them with Bart Baker.  

The Sacred Band of Thebes is his first graphic novel.

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Ace Continuado – Artist
Bart Baker – Writer